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Hi there, we’re so happy you found us here at Urban Grains!

Our vision is a world where friendly consumption becomes as casual and beautiful as it deserves to be. Friendly consumption can be defined as environmental-friendly as well as cruelty-free. Questioning your own consumption behaviour is the best way to being open to new healthier and more sustainable ways.  Anything that helps to make your own world and the world around you a bit better.

It’s great that you are in for the journey! We’ll share with you our favourite products as well as our experiences where small tweaks can make a big difference, from the weekly shopping to preparing delicious food.

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Meet Sinja











Sinja is one of the co-founders
of Urban Grains & Co. She loves

to prepare new creative porridge
recipes and is passionate about
healthy living and a sustainable
lifestyle. You will often find Sinja
out and about exploring new cafés
and shops or randomly collecting

garbage in the nature when she
actually just wanted to go for a
walk. She is a major animal friend
and is always in for a good laugh.
With Urban Grains & Co Sinja wants
to create a platform for like-minded
people to share their knowledge
about topics like food, health
design and sustainability.


Meet Cathrin











Cathrin is one of the co-founders
of Urban Grains & Co. She loves
food, travel, lifestyle topics as well
as yoga. Cathrin has moved around
a lot during her studies and work
and wherever she went, she took
(at least) 
one cookbook. In her
kitchen, you will 
find the most
amazing cookbook 
collection you
can think of. Maybe
that’s why she
always comes up with
the most
delicious new recipes..some good
“Most of all, I love
being in the kitchen
and putting
new recipes together
experimenting around and

creating new delights.”


Our Guest Writers…

Meet Danielle









Danielle is an experienced
and dedicated yoga teacher,
nutrition expert and an
inspiration for many people.
She is originally from Sydney,
but mostly working in
Southern Europe as a yoga
teacher as well as manager
of the yearly Summer retreats
with the award winning LUX
. Danielle has a special
story to tell and lots of
knowledge about a grain
based diet and how to prepare
and consume grains the right
way. For her it was an absolute
life changer to switch to eating


More to come…

Connect with us, if you want to share your wisdom about food, life, health, and / or sustainability.

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